It’s been five months

It’s been five months since our little baby Zack passed away.

Last night, I wondered if I needed a separate post for my gratitude challenge today. Then I realized that while marking the time since he passed away seems like a sad thing, I do find an element about it that I’m thankful for. My little boy is now in heaven, pain-free and hopefully, running around with other doggy friends. How can I not be thankful for that?

Then this morning, I dreamt of him. He appeared very briefly, but it’s enough to make my heart smile. I saw him by a door (not sure where that door was) lying on his stomach. His head was up, looking at me with a smile. I approached him and he sat up. I patted him on the head, then I decided to pick him up. I held him with his head over my shoulder, as I frequently did for the longest time. He rested on my chest and shoulder. It didn’t last long because then I woke up. While dreaming, I thought “will he feel the same way as I remembered?” Strange thing was, he actually felt solid as if it wasn’t a dream.

Five months later, he still managed to make his Mommy smile simply by appearing in my dream. That’s what I’m grateful for today, which happens to be Day 12 of my Gratitude Challenge to myself.