298 days

It’s been 298 days since my last blog post. 9 months, 24 days. That was before Taal Volcano erupted and the Australian bushfires followed by the never-ending community quarantine brought on by COVID-19. I didn’t even think of writing here during the entire time until today. What’s worse, I couldn’t even remember my log-in information here.

Let’s backpedal a bit. All this brouhaha is caused by the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). The first diagnosed case in the country happened in January followed by relative quiet. But that quiet was deceiving. I was suspicious of it. It felt like the calm before the storm. I suspected it was busy wreaking havoc quietly, going under the radar. Some friends thought I was being an alarmist. Then by March, suddenly the number of cases spiked! I WAS RIGHT. Since then, it’s been going up with no signs of stopping. Of course, the government’s concern has been how to save the economy. People don’t seem to grasp the enormity of the situation. Or at least, they’re really just wishing it to go away, burying their heads in the sand.

You can’t have an economy when people are dead or dying, IMO. But what’s the weight of my opinion anyway?

I’ve had so many thoughts that should’ve gone here in my blog since my last blog post. Especially since this pandemic has truly presented a global mental health challenge.

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