Happy 15th birthday in heaven, our little Zack!

You were in my mind today, little Zack. You celebrated your birthday in heaven. You weren’t with Mommy and Daddy anymore, but we remember your birthday. We miss you everyday.

I miss listening to your snores when you fall asleep. I miss the weight of your body on my legs while you sleep. I miss cleaning up your face in the morning, feeding you, brushing your hair. I miss your vanilla scent. I miss seeing you adorable face. I miss talking to you. I miss hearing your sighs, scoffs and sneezes. Really, my little baby, Mommy misses you more than ever. Daddy does too. You’re always a part of our conversations.

In your memory, yesterday we accepted to foster two – not just one – shih tzus who have been living in dire straits. The two furbabies had issues, one in particular had been severely abused and neglected. The other one, a sweet little girl, was basically used to breed. She seems to have some neurological issues. When I read her previous owner’s description of her, the owner made it seem like she was a problem pet. But since I met her yesterday, she’s been nothing but a snugglebug.

Today, I woke up feeling overwhelmed. We had no experience dealing with furbabies with behavioral issues. What did I get us into? I was the one who kept wanting to foster. Now that we have the chance to do so, I was getting overwhelmed. Then I saw them fall asleep and snore. Based on what I knew of their past lives, sleep was a luxury for those two. It was comforting to see them that relaxed.

They were a good reminder to me that we didn’t do you wrong. We love you the best way we know how. We love you with every heartbeat of our hearts. I hope you know that we always had best intentions for you. You will always be our best little boy, the little angel of my heart. Our lives were blessed the moment you entered our lives. Happy birthday, my little one, my sunshine.



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