It’s been seven months

It’s Zack’s seventh month in heaven.

Today, while I was waiting for hubby to park the car in a parking lot, a little kitten with the same coloring as Zack kept following me, looking at me straight in the eyes, meowing and even leaning against my feet. Little thing triggered my allergies, of course, complete with itchy eyes, runny nose, even coughing.

My sister said it was Zack Cat.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to do about the kitten. It was hanging out in a parking lot where it could easily get run over. I messaged a friend who has many cats at home, and she gave me advice on what to do just in case the kitten follows us again in the parking lot. Over dinner, hubby asked me what we’ll do if the kitten’s still waiting for us outside. I thought of two names for it – Catriona and Katniss (even if I didn’t know if it was a boy kitten or girl kitten). But the thing is, cats and I don’t mesh well together no thanks to cat allergies as proven by that encounter.

Everyone I told about that kitten and shared its picture with said it had a Zack look about it. That maybe Zack sent it my way on his seventh month. That maybe it was better that I was distracted by it, instead of being sad because it’s been seven months since we lost Zack.

Worrying about the kitten made me forget that it was Zack’s seventh month in heaven, even for a short time. That forgetting made me feel even more sad.


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