It’s been six months

It’s been six months since our little baby Zack passed away.

Last night, hubby and I put up a Christmas tree.

We were on the fence about a Christmas tree and even Christmas decorating for awhile. As much as I love Christmas, I dreaded it this year because my heart truly didn’t feel ready to be all cheerful and merry. Honestly, I just want a quiet holiday. I don’t even feel like meeting up with people. I hardly even did any gift buying.

But after numerous discussions with hubby (plus my sisters chimed in as well), we remembered how Zack actually loves Christmas. He enjoyed opening his gifts, but not necessarily the gifts themselves. Once the gifts are out of the wrappers and gift bags, he’d just look at us as if to say, “that’s it?” It always cracked me up.

So yes, last night, we put up our Christmas tree. We even had a custom ornament made with Zack’s face. Six months later, he’s still remembered, much loved and truly missed.


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