Day 28 – Gratitude Challenge: What friend/s are you grateful for today?

I’ve got three friends who I’m grateful for. Not mentioning their names here for privacy reasons. These three friends are the ones who, when something happens – good or bad – I turn to or want to tell. They are definitely my life’s blessings.

Friend #1: He helps me to change things and expand my horizons. He believes in me and what I can do. He won’t hesitate in getting mad at me when he feels like I’m not living up to what I can do. He keeps me focused and accountable for my actions, my plans, my decisions. We hardly see each other, but he knows I’m here for him when he needs me in the same way I know he’s around when I need him.

Friend #2: He takes things pretty seriously, which makes me want to drag him around to do fun things. He’s a solid and reliable friend who doles out sound advice. When I hang out with him, we always talk about life goals. I can get mad at him for the silliest thing and he’ll just laugh it off. Of course, part of his life’s mission is to annoy me by constantly teasing me that I’m a rich girl. When I want to see him, I just message him and he’ll find time to meet up.

Friend #3: He makes me laugh. No matter how stupid or silly the situation is, he can make it funny. Yet when it’s time to get serious, he knows how to handle that too. When I want to see him, I send him a message and he does the same thing too. He’s always up for spur-of-the-moment meet-ups as long as work isn’t so busy.

After writing this post, now I feel like messaging those friends again just to check in on them.


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