Day 5 – Gratitude Challenge: What small thing that happened to you today are you grateful for?

Biking. Two sessions of 30 minutes each – the first one around the U.P. Oval earlier this afternoon; the second, just minutes ago around the subdivision.

The last time we went biking, we biked for an hour and I ended up with right knee pain that lasted a week. I guess it was stupid to do an hour-long bike ride in one take. Which I wasn’t physically ready for! At least today, we did it in two sessions. Here’s hoping my knees will be alright after tonight’s ride!

I do enjoy biking, really. I love the solitary nature of it. It allows me time with my thoughts in a sane way. It’s hard to panic and worry about things when you’re cruising along with the wind in your face. One of life’s little joys.


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