“Owner, Dearest Friend”

Last night, during a meet-up with a friend whom I haven’t seen in 20+ years (but have been in touch with via Facebook), I received a third offer for a puppy. Yes, you read that right – third. So far, we’ve been offered two shih tzus and one husky – all newborns. I declined because my heart is nowhere near ready. But all the owners understood my…our need for time. The babies wouldn’t be ready right now anyway. They’re all still breastfeeding from their mommas. Perhaps in a month or two or three. I asked the same question of the three persons who offered – “why us?”

Their replies were all along the lines of they saw how we took care of Zack and how much we love him. That’s what they want for their own furbabies. They wanted the little ones to be in a good home, and we can give them that.

Tonight, I came across this video from the pet grief support group I’m part of. It made me cry.

Here’s the poem itself:

~ Owner, Dearest Friend ~

I could never say enough,
Owner, dearest friend,
To thank you for the love you gave
To me, until the end.

I’m sorry that I hurt you
By saying my goodbye.
You gave me such a happy home.
I lived a happy life.

I leapt and played and laughed in ways
You maybe couldn’t see.
Of all the pets you might have loved,
I’m glad that you chose me.

It’s okay to miss me,
For I will miss you, too.
It’s okay to bow your head
And cry if you have to.

However hard it seems today,
Your dear, sweet heart will heal.
For now, my friend, remember me
And feel what you must feel.

But don’t give up on loving,
Owner, dearest friend.
Although the cost is oh-so-high,
It’s worth it, in the end

To know that you made this pet’s life
The best one it could be.
It should be no mystery why
You meant the world to me.

So here’s my final word, my friend,
This is my last wish.
Find another lonely pet
And give to them my dish.

Then every time they make you smile,
Know that I’m smiling, too.
Still so proud
To once have been
A dearest friend to you.

~ Vivienne Mathews (2013)


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