Is my heart open to God’s surprises?

Thanks to technology, I watched Pope Francis celebrate Easter Mass early today. His homily was supposedly unscripted, which is impressive to do on such an important religious occasion. This struck a chord in me:

“The surprises of God put us on the path, they put us on our journey without waiting.

Is my heart open to God’s surprises? Am I able to go with great haste or do I hang back and say, well I’ll check it out tomorrow? What is the surprise saying to me?”

Having an open heart sounds easier said than done. Opening your heart is a scary thing to do because you don’t know what other people will do to you. Openness requires trust – trusting others to treat us well and be worthy of our trust. Those things aren’t guaranteed when you open your heart.

I think most of us live our lives guarding our hearts for various reasons. Maybe people have disappointed and hurt us before. Maybe it’s easier to close your heart than to get hurt again. Maybe being vulnerable is just a tad too difficult to deal with.

But Pope Francis asked the right question. If our hearts are closed, then we wouldn’t be about to hear what God is trying to tell us. If we can’t hear what He’s trying to tell us, then we can’t even get started on our respective journeys. We’re all basically puttering around in busy-ness that leads nowhere.


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