That flight booking headache

The saga that is booking our flights continues today.

* * * * *
Time spent on the phone with Delta: 1.5+ hrs.
Time spent tweeting with a Delta representative: 1 hr.
Number of customer representatives dealt with: 5

* * * * *
I usually wait past midnight to search and book flights.

Since we travel with Zack often, I knew the process – two calls to Delta: first, check if there’s space for him in-cabin on the flights I wanted; and second, if yes, book and call again so they know he’s coming along for the ride. The first call yielded a lovely “yes”, so I happily booked Premium Select seats.

In the second call, I was told to downgrade from Premium Select to Main Cabin because the Premium Select section isn’t pet-friendly, which I wasn’t told when I called them before booking.

The manager pretty much blamed me for not knowing any better and asked if I checked their restrictions. I said yes; no mention of pets NOT allowed in Premium Select (Premium Select is not Business Class, FYI). Told I was wrong. Told her to check their website. She advised to cancel and rebook, then offered a $75 voucher for all my troubles.

Today, I tweeted/DMd with them. Rep insisted I booked Delta One seats with flatbeds, so why did I cancel such a good deal? I gave him my canceled flight details. Nowhere did it say I booked Delta One. Not sure where he got that from.

I was also told that there’s insufficient space, so pets aren’t allowed in First Class, Delta One and Premium Select. What happened to the legroom that’s supposed to be “up to 8″ more”?

RESULT: After all that, I’m supposed to call Delta directly to book flights.

To folks flying Delta, keep your Twitter account handy. They’re easier to contact that way. If you’re flying with your pet in-cabin, you can only choose Delta Comfort+ seats and Main Cabin.

The lengths I’d go for Zack! 🤣 Oh, and we still don’t have flights booked.


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